The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization in Colombia supports the CAM WORLD CONGRESS
Dr. Jairo Guerrero / Presidente


August 31st to September 2nd, 2017
We are pleased to invite all specialists interested in alternative therapies, to participate in the First World Congress of Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapies CAM 2017, where we will develop an academic program with integrative and transcendent purposes. We will acknowledge the investigative community in the advances of the different complementary therapies always at the forefront of the needs of the human being on the pursuit of their well-being and integral health.

The event will take place from August 31st to September 2nd, 2017 in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and will address topics such as Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeosiniatry, Ayurvedic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Sintergetic, Neural therapy, Osteopathy, Manual Therapies, Bioregulatory Medicine, Integrative Oncology, Phytotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Reiki, Veterinary medicine.

We look forward to having you in this world class event.

Organizing Committee

Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias, a city that emerges as one of the main touristic and event destinations of Colombia, will be the best scenario to receive professionals, researchers and all interested in Integrative Medicine. Let yourself be amazed by the benefits of the Heroic city, on the sea side of the Caribbean Sea, with its colonial and republican architecture.

From its foundation on the 16th century and throughout the Spanish colonial period, Cartagena de Indias has been one of the most important ports in America. Its independence of Spain took place on November 11th, 1811.

Cartagena de Indias is waiting for you! Welcome!

Academic program

We have prepared a meaningful and complete program to allow each assistant to find the integration of knowledge through research and the academic experience of Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Colombia.

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